While playing Depression quest I felt emotionally involved while playing the game. The decisions were hard to take, however, I feel like I have been in this position several times, where I couldn’t put in work for uni to the extent where I feel physically unable to actually do anything. I have a friend who went through depression, and she usually avoided any interactions. Moreover, the smallest things got her triggered, so this game helped me understand what she’s going through. Special Olympics, It was really hard deciding whether to give birth of a down syndrome child, I can’t imagine how their parents cope with that. However, I was really proud of my child for achieving such a huge thing. This game helped me understand what parents of a down syndrome kid  go through but I will never understand and feel what they are feeling. Moreover, Playing September 7th, 2020, made me feel really overwhelmed as went through the day, so many things that went off (like forgetting to refill my anti-depressant pills. Moreover, I can really relate with her as it is our first semester on campus after the pandemic. However it would be really good if the game had more than one option to choose from. Know Yourself, This game made me feel like a fool for assuming things. It also  taught me that there is always two sides of a story. However, I really hate how the game assumes my answers, as when I answered sometimes the result was different from my answer. Spent made feel pathetic, as I couldn’t take the right decisions and I was broke at the end of it. I don’t like that it included a child in my decisions as I have no idea regarding parenting. 

All five games had an impact on the way I perceive things. Even though, all of them where aiming to help you decide in difficult situations, however, all 5 games were tackling different topics. Spent made me realize that I am unable to take good financial decisions.  Spent was helping me realize that I should be more rational with my spending. Know yourself made me realize that sometimes I could be judgmental without noticing it, and it also aims to let people see things from others perspective (the part about assuming that another student cheating). September 7th, 2020, was tackling the topic about life during pandemic and how hard it is. special Olympics, helps us understand how a mother of a down-syndrome suffers.  Moreover, Depression quest enlightens you how to treat someone who has depression. Moreover, professional games (Depression Quest, September 17th, 2020) where more well organized and complicated than student games (Special Olympics, know yourself). 

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